Josef Kreiner (ed.): Japaneseness versus Ryūkyūanism

Josef Kreiner (ed.)

Japaneseness versus Ryūkyūanism

Papers read at the Fourth International Conference on Okinawan Studies Bonn Venue, March 2002

2006. viii+203 S. 30,00 EUR. 148 x 210 mm. ISBN 978-3-936366-19-8

JapanArchiv (ISSN: 1438-0927), Band 8

Part One: Identity
Josef KREINER   Introduction: Some Thoughts on Ryūkyūan History and Historiography
Rosa CAROLI   Re-Inventing Okinawa: From "Ryūkyūness" to "Japaneseness"
Alfred E. MAJEWICZ   Is Ryūkyūan Endangered? Worried Impressions from the Outside
Midori OSUMI   Language Endangerment: An Okinawan Case
Gregory SMITS   The Politics of Culture in Early Twentieth Century Okinawa
Matt ALLEN   Rallying the Village: Dialect and Identity in Kumejima
Patrick BEILLEVAIRE   On the Links Between Busa (Maso) and Onari-gami: An Examination of Some Chinese Influences on Ryūkyūan Culture
Mikolay MELANOWICZ   "Winds over Ryūkyū" by Chin Shunshin: Between Literature and History
Davinder L. BHOWMIK   Literature as Public Memory in Contemporary Okinawan Fiction
Amanda Mayer STINCHECUM   Tradition and Transformation in Yaeyama: Symbol of Island Identity
Michael LEWIS   Found But Lost: Exploring the Meaning of Kurombo Gama
Part Two: Emigration
Edith KANESHIRO   Historical Perspectives on Okinawan Migration Within the Pacific Realm, 1899-1945
Kozy AMEMIYA   The Rhetoric of Population Pressure and Emigration: A Tool of American Occupation of Okinawa
Naokazu HASHIO   Identity of Japanese Americans of Okinawan Descent Living in Hawaii

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