Axel Klein, Ralph Lützeler, Hans Dieter Ölschleger (Eds.): Modernization in Progress

Axel Klein, Ralph Lützeler, Hans Dieter Ölschleger (Eds.)

Modernization in Progress

Demographic Development and Value Change in Contemporary Europe and East Asia

2002. VI+375 S. 30,00 EUR. Paperback. 148 x 210 mm. ISBN 978-3-936366-03-7

JapanArchiv (ISSN: 1438-0927), Band 4

Ralph LÜTZELER und Hans Dieter ÖLSCHLEGER   Introduction
Demographic Developments:
Herwig BIRG   Demographic Aging and Population Decline in 21st Century Germany - Consequences for the Systems of Social Insurance
Ralph LÜTZELER   The "Second Fertility Transition" in Comparative Perspective: The Impact of Female Employment, Care Services, and Familism
Josef SCHMID   Japan's Demographic Transition - An Accelerated Model
Masahiro YAMADA   Parasite Singles as a Symbol of the Japanese Family System - A Personal View -
Seung-Kwon KIM   Major Causes of Family Change and Its Results in the Republic of Korea
Ming-Cheng CHANG   Fertility Transition and Population Policies in Taiwan
Te-Hsiung SUN   Demographic Transition and Value Change in Taiwan
Cultural and Value Change:
Helmut KLAGES   Value Change in Western Societies, in Particular in Germany: Development, Causes, and Consequences
Ulrich MÖHWALD   Trends of Value-Pluralization in Japan
Kazufumi MANABE   Japanese Value Orientations from a Comparative Perspective: Inconsistent, Discrepant, and Pluralistic Patterns
Hans Dieter ÖLSCHLEGER   Fertility and Marriage in Japan: On the Relationship Between Value Change and Demographic Behavior
Sepp LINHART   Changing Filial Piety in Japan
Jan VAN BREMEN   Bridging the Demographic Divide - Afterlives and Niches for the Dead in Japan -
Wolfram MANZENREITER   Labor Lost: Value Shifts, Corporate Restructuring, and Full Employment Policy in a Changing Labor Market
Josef A. KYBURZ   Value Changes in Japanese Society - Meeting with Fukami Ai –

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