Josef Kreiner (ed.): Ryūkyū in World History

Josef Kreiner (ed.)

Ryūkyū in World History

2001. X+418 S. 30,00 EUR. Paperback. 148 x 210 mm. ISBN 978-3-9806179-7-0

JapanArchiv (ISSN: 1438-0927), Band 2

Josef KREINER   Ryūkyūan History in Comparative Perspective
Monika WACKER   Onarigami – Holy Woman in the Kingdom of Ryūkyū: A Pacific Culture with Chinese Influences
Wolfgang MARSCHALL   Notes on Arab Seafaring in the Indian Ocean and Beyond
Engelbert JORISSEN   The Portuguese Approach to Asia in the Early Sixteenth Century
Arano YASUNORI   The Kingdom of Ryūkyū and the East Asian World Order in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Takara KURAYOSHI   An Outline of Ryūkyū's Relation to China
Gerhard MÜLLER   The Kingdom of Ryūkyū and China: The System of Tributary States
Gregory SMITS   Ryūkyūan Uses of Chinese Confucianism
Patrick BEILLEVAIRE   Wavering Attention: French Governmental Policy Towards the Ryūkyū Kingdom
Teruya YOSHIHIKO   Ryūkyū and Its Role in Western Thought: Euro-American Peace Movements in the Early Nineteenth Century
Gregory SMITS   The Ryūkyū Shobun in East Asia and World History
Gabriele VOGT   The Ryūkyūs under U.S. Occupation
Tanaka AKIHIKO   Okinawa and its Role in Japanese-American Security Relations
Gabe MASAAKI   The Changing U.S.-Japan Alliance System: The Return of the Futenma Marine Air Station and the New Guidelines
Chalmers JOHNSON   Okinawa Between the United States and Japan
Taira KOJI   Okinawa in the Twenty-First Century: A Third Golden Age or Continued Oblivion

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